Monthly Archives: November 2009

Introducing The Gallery Collection!

The Kaleidoscope family of digital darlings is so pleased to announce it’s newest addition:  The Gallery Collection!  Gallery is a set of over 80 versions of 25 original .jpg textures along with 9 amazingly artistic edges to help you turn your ordinary images into works of art.  Gallery’s textures work a little bit differently than […]

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Etsy rocks.  Yes, I know that this is my second completely non-photography related post devoted entirely to Etsy, but I just love, love, love those clever crafters for so many reasons.  Here are a few. I am in love with this seller’s bags.  I ordered one a few weeks ago, and am frantically holding back on […]

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Check out who’s Guest Blogging!

Me!  Yay!   So pleased to make my Guest Bloggin’ debut at the *adorable* Katie Bower’s Bower Power Blog.  Once you’re done ooohing and aaahing over her ridiculously gorgeous house, cruise on over to today’s post to check out a nifty little article I wrote about using a Canon Rebel.   If you’re a Rebel user, I think you’ll like it!  Then, […]

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