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Lightscapes are coming! (Plus FREE Light Overlays!!)

Hello friends, Sooo, I’ve actually begun receiving email from readers who are concerned about my whereabouts.  (Once again, proof that I have the sweetest readers in the world.) I’ll catch you all up on everything that’s going on with us personally after I plug my almost-here release.  And provide some freebies. First of all, Kaleidoscope […]

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It’s Elemental, my dear.

Hello Friends! Well, if you’ve followed this blog for longer than 5 minutes, you know that I’ve been affiliated for a while now with a wonderful professional and a great photog-bud Erin, over at Texas Chicks Blogs & Pics.    I think we first “cyber-met” when she either purchased or won some of my products online […]

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Color & Flare B&A….and the full recipe.

Hey gang, Well, there are tons of things going on behind the scenes here at both Patti Brown Photography, LLC & Kaleidoscope: A Collection of Color & Light, and while I’m not ready to share everything yet, let’s just say I think you all are in for some treats! I’ve received literally hundreds of comments […]

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