Jumping Back In! {+ Fall Mini-Sessions + Pricing}

Hi gang…guess what, I’m doing Mini-Sessions!  Yes ma’am.  Yes sir.  That’s right….

If you’ve been with me for any length of time, you know that I stopped accepting commissioned family sessions about 3 years ago during the holiday season because, well, it just became pure madness.  I was trying to be a full time mommy to a VERY active toddler, while trying to be a wife to a husband who was finishing his Masters/working full time and traveling about 30% of the time for work, I was trying to be a good neighbor and friend to my Air Force Wife buddies (you can only truly understand what that type of thing entails if you’ve been married to the military….it is truly impossible to explain, but let’s just say there is a lot of cooking involved) and I was running 2 tiny (but still demanding!) businesses all by myself.  Out of my son’s playroom.


You’re probably worn out just from reading that paragraph above, so you can imagine what it was like living it.  Picture a pressure cooker.  Not one sitting on a shelf in some pretty little kitchen store,  but a well-used, nearly worn out one on a flaming hot burner with steam bubbles seeping out of it’s lid, and making that squeaky hissing sound that a teapot makes when it’s boiling.  That was pretty much our life.  And I gotta be honest, there was a little actual hissing involved, too.  Clearly, something had to give.  Or we were going to have to hire a nanny and a maid.  And let’s face it, how many of us can really justify a nanny and a maid when we are working part time?

Not I, my friends.

And besides, I didn’t want to.  It’s totally cool if you do.  In fact, if you’re working part time from home, and happen to also employ both a nanny and a maid, my hat’s off to you girlfriend.  And I mean that with all sincerity.  Bravo, sister!  But that wasn’t my story.  I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my little one, and in retrospect, I am so glad I did.  It was a wonderful nearly-six-years of preschool life.

But then something wonderful happened.  It came along at just the exact time I felt that I was really needing a change, and it now allows me to do things like work out at an actual gym, blow dry my hair, and cook with wine.  It’s called KINDERGARTEN, and gang..let me tell you…if you haven’t experienced it yet, it is life changing.  Tough at first, I admit, but trust me…you’ll get over the hard parts.

So, this allows me a little more time to shoot pictures, and I’m announcing mini-sessions, Patti-style.  I’m not going to do a marathon weekend of 30 minute sessions.  I would be really overwhelmed doing something like that.  So instead, I’m going to offer sessions for $350 each,  Monday-Thursday evenings throughout October and early November, at a location near my home in southern York County.  Sessions will be laid back, fun, and will last between 30-40 minutes.  You can have up to 6 people (Mom, Dad, and up to 4 kids) and you’ll receive around 15 different digital full res/full size/fully edited images that you can use for anything from gift prints to Christmas Cards to wall-papering your upstairs hallway if you so choose.  I’ll also let you know where to get them printed for best results, and will help you with any issues you have.  For a better look at what a family mini-session would look like, check out my last post here and have yourself a little looksee.  That session took 40 minutes total.  Quick. Easy. Simple. (Happy!)

If you’re interested, contact me at patti@pattibrownphotography.com for full details and to discuss availability.  We’re traveling a lot this fall, with trips to Texas, Charlottesville, and the Outer Banks planned, so contact me sooner rather than later if you’re interested.  I know I’m posting this a little late, so I don’t expect to get a ton of bookings this year, so it’s likely I’ll be able to get everyone in who is interested, but if you email me on Wednesday for a Thursday session, let’s just say, it probably won’t work out.

Thanks, gang!  Until next time….






October 15, 2012 - 12:34 pm

Vinita - Welcome back Patti! I wish I lived closer! I would’ve booked in a jiffy! Good luck and I’m sure your clients will be so happy with their magical images they receive!

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