Holiday Sessions…

…are over. Whew! Here are a couple from a recent session – posted with Mom’s permission….of course. Don’t you know I almost fell over when I saw this brood – three boys, one baby, and a dog – all coming down the street decked out in scarves & hats – TOO much fun! Kudos to mom for such great wardrobe decisions – she must have been channelling her inner stylist, because this combo worked great! What a charming family (if you met Mom & Dad, you would know why the kids are so cute)and what fun we had!! The boys were troopers, and baby sister almost gave us a smile on cue….almost…:)

XO, Patti

Okay, so I just had to post this one tonight…

…because it is too cute, and was taken during one of my favorite shoots with some of my favorite neighbors! Mr. B is a doll, and his parents make a nice picture as well – I’ll post more soon…promise, promise!! I’m editing until my fingers fall off this week hoping to get client proofs ready for Christmas cards. Note to self: START CHRISTMAS SHOTS EARLIER NEXT YEAR! Like in August. 🙂 Enjoy! – PB

Don’t you just love newborns….

..I had the honor of photographing this one when he was only 5 days old. He was wide awake the whole time, as was mom, which is impressive since Dad is an Air Force surgeon currently deployed in Iraq. I’d post more, but I’m saving the good ones for my website. He was a complete honey, and luckily, mom is getting plenty of “help” from big sister – who is a whopping 2 years old! I have no idea how she’s doing it. Let’s all take a moment to say a prayer for moms with newborns and deployed husbands everywhere….

So you may have noticed….

…that I took down my pictures!! That I took down my posts!! That my blog has a new name!! Don’t worry, you haven’t been redirected to some Lewis Carroll fanatic – I’m just getting ready to launch my “real” website, which I hope will be up within the next two weeks, so I’m changing it up a bit. Yes, that’s right – I’m taking the plunge and finally doing this for real! Although I have no idea how I’m going to manage a business, and a kiddo, and a husband, and a household….oh my goodness gracious, what have I done?

Oh well – it’s too late to go back now, so here we go….

I’m going to post some newborn pics I took last week, and maybe a few from this weekend when I get a chance. As always, enjoy, and thanks for your interest!!

I’ll post a link to my new website as soon as it’s finished!

Big hugs, PB 🙂