Texture How-to

This tutorial will show you how to apply one of my Fine Art Textures (the .jpg’s) onto a photo.  This picture is probably the one I get asked about the most on my website, and it was actually extremely easy to apply the effect.  For purposes of this tutorial, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS3 in the default mode.


First, a before & after…





…and after applying Vertigo Golden from my Dream Collection…




Let’s get started by opening both the picture you wish to edit and the texture you wish to use. In this example, the picture I’m choosing is called “cradle” and the texture is “Vertigo Golden” from my Dream Collection.


So, just open them both up. 




Now, go to your texture




Now, select it by choosing: Select, All.  A little squiggly blinking light will appear around the texture.




Now, you’re going to copy what you’ve selected by choosing: Edit, Copy.




Once copied, open your original picture (“cradle”) and paste what you’ve copied on top of it by choosing: Edit, Paste.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit perfectly, we’ll fix that in just a second.




Now, you’re going to need to “fit” the texture on top of your picture.  To do this, you’ll need to enable the texture to be transformed.  Do this by choosing: Edit, Free transform.  Some tiny little boxes are going to appear on the corners of your texture. 




Pull those tiny little boxes around by using your mouse until the texture is fitted over the picture.  Then hit enter.




Now, you’re going to erase a little bit over your texture to reveal the picture beneath.  To do this, choose your eraser and erase to taste.  I typically use a very large brush set as soft as possible.   Just erase a little bit, you can always go back and erase more, or adjust the opacity of your eraser to your liking later on.




Now, you’re going to adjust the opacity of the texture layer to where you like it.  In this case, I set mine at about 80%.




Flatten & save.  You’re finished!




Keep in mind that not every texture is going to look good with every picture.  It’s a matter of personal preference.  Experiment by applying multiple textures to the same picture, or by really lowering the opacity to just add a subtle touch.  Have fun & enjoy!


I hope this tutorial has been helpful.  – PB


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